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Al Ain City Sightseeing Tour – The Garden City – Dubai
    Your Al Ain City Tour includes a visit to such incredible attractions of Al Ain as Jebel Hafeet -the nation’s tallest mountain offering the commanding views of the city, Al Jahili Fort that houses the largest museum with interesting exhibits including a rare repertoire of ruling family’s portraits,and the famed Camel Market – an authentic bustling Emirati souk where you can get up close glimpses of different types of camels.4.9/5(18)

Al Ain City Tour Sightseeing Tour with Private & Group ...
    Drive to Al Ain City, on the way passing by many historical. The city is currently under UNESCO protection and its one of the most green cities in the Arabian World. Sheikh Khalifa had invested 11 Million Dollars into creating artificially induced rain that makes the city extremely green. 13:00 - 13.45 Palace Museum, Al Ain4.5/5(20)

Al Ain City Tour - The Garden City‎ of the United Arab ...
    Al Ain City Tour Located approximately 60 miles inland on the edge of the Oman border in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is a famous city visited by tourists around the world. Its name translates as ‘The Spring’, and it has been continually inhabited for four millennia, all because of the nomadic bedouin tribe who found their water hole in Al Ain.

Al Ain City Sightseeing Tour AL Ain Tour Package
    Al-Ain is an oasis located in the south of Dubai. This place is famous for the date-palm plantation, scenic views, and sand dunes. It is a green and beautiful place located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. This city is well-known for its interest in sports, the tourism that this city brings and several other activities.

Al Ain City Tour - The Garden City Skyland Tourism
    Al Ain city tour is a beautiful and green place located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Fujairah City Tour is the only one which is not surrounded by deserts but by mountains making it a green village with a lot of farming opportunities. Dubai is one of the Six Emirates Tour of the United Arab Emirates.

Al Ain Oasis Tour - Desert Rose Tourism, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    You can see how green it is by the greenery lined streets, the plant roundabouts with flower centerpieces- there is no place that is not green in Al Ain. Your first visit in the Al Ain Oasis Tour will be to Jebel Hafeet. You can see Al Ain unfolding beneath you as you climb the winding roads.

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