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Home Tour - Alameda Architectural Preservation Society
    The list is extensive and it became apparent that our participation as co-host of the Alameda Legacy Home Tour would make it very difficult to accomplish in-house tasks. After a long discussion, a decision was made to withdraw from participating as co-host of the Home Tour.

Alameda Legacy Home Tour - Home Facebook
    The Alameda Legacy Home Tour is a fundraising venture of the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS)...Followers: 218

Alameda Legacy Home Tour – Downtown Alameda
    The annual Alameda Legacy Home Tour takes place on September 22. This year’s event is sponsored by Alameda Municipal Power and is particularly exciting with the inclusion of a 1936 General Electric Demonstration house built to show homeowners how electric appliances would modernize their lives.

Alameda Legacy Home Tour The Alamedan
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Alameda Holiday Home Tour
    Guests will follow their heart as the Alameda Family Services League presents “49 Years of Holiday Magic” Alameda Holiday Home Tour. The Holiday Home Tour will feature a variety of Alameda’s architectural style homes decorated for the holidays.

Alameda Museum
    Members enjoy four issues of the Museum Quarterly, free admission to lectures by local luminaries, and advance notice of special events such as the Alameda Legacy Home Tour and happenings at the Meyers House.

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