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    CONTINUOUS OVERSEAS TOUR (COT) ELECTION STATEMENT If you are PCSing to another overseas location, you have a COT travel entitlement. That is, the government will pay to send you to your home of record (as listed on your enlistment/reenlistment contract or EAD orders).

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) Leave - Alternate Location ...
    Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) Leave with Use of a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) (JTR, par. 050812) Scenario: A Service member performed COT travel from his or her old PDS OCONUS to his or her HOR in the CONUS. The Service member elected to travel by POV, accompanied by his or her spouse and their two children, both under age 12.File Size: 107KB

Overseas Service - United States Army
    tensions (voluntary and involuntary (FSTEs/IFSTEs)), consecutive overseas tours (COTs), in-place consecutive overseas tours (IPCOTs), the Overseas Tour Extension Incentive Program (OTEIP), intra...File Size: 1MB

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) & In-Place COT (IPCOT ...
    Apr 14, 2016 · Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) & In-Place COT (IPCOT) - Military Relocation Agreement Travel (RAT) - Civilian Voucher processing Manual Submission guide to COT/IPCOT/RAT Submit all required documents to the [email protected] org box Required Documents • Checklist (compelete the approriate checklist, only fill out the top portion for customers)

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    Sep 29, 2005 · PCS location, this is called "Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT)". Volunteering to spend another tour of duty at the same duty location is called "In-Place, Consecutive Overseas Tour (IPCOT)". The travel entitlement allows the member to travel to his/her Home of Record (HOR), then back to their new (COT) or existing

    COT/IPCOT INFORMATION SHEET Please have all required documents completed and signed by your authorized approving authority to expedite your request. OFFICERS/ ENLISTED –COT INFORMATION SHEET 1. DA FORM 4187 –Requesting COT (Consecutive Overseas Tour) a.DEROS b.Command Sponsored Dependents information (if applicable) c.Soldier’s Current ...File Size: 199KB

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