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What's so bad about a GMO tour anyway?
    May 30, 2017 · 61N, thanks for the army GMO info. Obviously I've never done a GMO tour, but it seems to me that the combination of quick skill atrophy plus exposure to situations that exceed your training is the most worrisome aspect. The admin/staff officer duties and dealing with sick call rangers seems like the price of practicing medicine in the army.

Army grADuATe meDICAl eDuCATIon
    Since 2003, the Army has phased in continuous GME contracts for most of our specialties. This means that once a student matches to a residency, the student can complete the entire residency without having to leave after internship to complete a General Medical Officer (GMO) tour of duty.

    What is a general medical officer? A GMO is similar to a general medical practitioner. GMOs are often attached to specific units, air wings, ships or submarines. Military medical students in the Navy and Air Force who do not match to a residency may be expected to do a PGY-1 year and then serve as a GMO before beginning a residency.

Medical Corps
    GMO GMOs are assigned to surface ships and land-based surface squadron staffs, Navy Seabee battalions and Marine Corps units. Very few GMOs are assigned to hospitals or …

Navy HPSP / GMO Query
    Dec 21, 2011 · Honestly, residency is easy compared with being a GMO, at least the first year of a GMO tour. I finished a Basic Surgery Internship, and went to the fleet as a Battalion Surgeon (honorary doc title). I could spit out the Ddx of hypersplenism but had no idea how to treat musculoskeletal back pain, an ankle sprain, or PFPS.

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