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PCS Orders - Eighth Army The United States Army
    Unaccompanied Tour (without dependents) The Soldier may elect an unaccompanied tour (“All Others Tour”) for family reasons or because Command Sponsorship of dependents is …

What are my Pay and Allowances during an unaccompanied ...
    Apr 03, 2018 · What are my Pay and Allowances during an unaccompanied tour in Korea?: Hi all, Heading to Korea shortly for a 1 year unaccompanied tour. My spouse is staying CONUS and is stated in my orders as moving to our home of record while I'm gone. Just to ensure, should receive BAH based on the zip code for that location correct? Also, will this allow us to receive Dislocation Allowance as well?Reviews: 3

Longer tours coming for single soldiers in Europe, Japan
    Jun 12, 2019 · The policy will apply to PCS orders cut after June 14, the Army said, adding that soldiers already on unaccompanied tours for 24 months or less …Author: Kyle Rempfer

Unaccompanied Orders - To Go or to Stay?
    Apr 06, 2016 · But the hard part is when news of a military move involves an unaccompanied tour. In the Army, the most common unaccompanied tour destination is Korea. More and more military families make the decision not to follow their spouse for a variety of reasons. What becomes tricky is when the spouse staying behind is left with several options.

Korea tour normalization Article - United States Army
    Jul 27, 2010 · The vast majority of the 28,500 U.S. troops in South Korea currently serve one-year, unaccompanied tours. But that's already starting to change.

Overseas Service - United States Army
    Figure 4–3: Formula for prorating a tour length because of a change in tour from unaccompanied to accompa-nied, page . 25. Figure 4–4: Example of a prorated tour length from unaccompanied to accompanied tour, page . 26. ... Recommend to the Secretary of the Army overseas tour length for a specific location when only Army personnel

Tour Lengths and Tours of Duty Outside the Continental ...
    Tour Unaccompanied Tour Effective Date USD (P&R) memo dated 06-02-2020, established the tour length for Service members assigned to Kuwait. Tour lengths for military personnel assigned under COM or SCO authority will remain unchanged. Kyrgyz Republic 24 12 Laos NA 12 Vientiane 24 12 12-21-06 Latvia, Riga 24 12

    The tour length for a DoD member stationed OCONUS is 36 months accompanied and 24 months unaccompanied (except for HI and AK which are 36/36) unless the Military Departments provide conclusive evidence that a specific tour must be shorter. See DoDI 1315.18, Encl 4, par. 1. (28 October 15). *D. Reserve Component Exception.

Housing Allowances When Living Apart
    Jan 21, 2016 · Example: Service member receives unaccompanied orders to Korea and the family wants to stay at Fort Bragg, the BAH would be for the Fort Bragg location. But …

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